Thumbnail CDN API

Welcome to the documentation for our Thumbnail CDN API. This API allows users to dynamically create thumbnails of varying sizes according to their needs. The thumbnails are generated on-the-fly and cached within CDN for speedy delivery across the globe.

This API emphasizes the importance of selecting optimal thumbnail formats and sizes. Such choices significantly impact the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric and SEO performance, enhancing user experience and discoverability.


This base URL serves as the entry point for all requests to the Custom Thumbnail CDN API.


No Authentication

Making a Request

The Custom Thumbnail CDN API utilizes a simple GET request structure, allowing easy integration into any project.

Request Structure

GET /{image_url}&w={width}&h={height}

Example Request


This request specifies an original image hosted at, and requests a thumbnail with dimensions of 120x50 pixels.


Success Response

Upon successful request processing, the server will respond with the requested thumbnail image. The response includes the following headers:


Accelerated access with wordpress free image cdn (jetpack).



Thank you for using our Custom Thumbnail CDN API. For any further inquiries or support, please contact us at [email protected].